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Polish Alternative Investment Companies (ASI) offer a multitude of distinct advantages that position them as a favorable investment option for individuals and entities seeking enhanced portfolio diversification and optimized returns. These advantages include:

  1. Enhanced Tax Efficiency: ASIs provide investors with valuable tax incentives, including the value-added tax (VAT) exemption for management services. This exemption reduces administrative costs, allowing investors to allocate more resources towards managing and growing their investments. Additionally, ASIs offer potential tax deductions, allowing investors to offset a portion of their expenses incurred during the acquisition or subscription of ASI shares, resulting in increased tax efficiency.

  2. Diverse Investment Opportunities: ASIs provide access to a wide range of asset classes, including real estate, private equity, venture capital, infrastructure, and more. This diverse investment landscape allows investors to customize their portfolios based on their risk appetite, investment goals, and market conditions. By diversifying across various asset classes, investors can mitigate risk and potentially enhance overall returns.

  3. Regulated and Transparent Environment: ASIs operate within a regulated framework, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This regulatory oversight provides investors with transparency, accountability, and confidence in the integrity of ASIs. By adhering to regulatory standards, ASIs promote investor protection and contribute to a secure investment environment.

  4. Potential for Higher Returns: The flexible structure of ASIs allows investors to participate in alternative investment strategies that have the potential to generate higher returns compared to traditional investment options. Through investments in sectors such as real estate, private equity, and venture capital, investors can tap into unique market opportunities and capitalize on emerging trends.

  5. Tailored Investment Solutions: ASIs offer investors the flexibility to tailor their investment portfolios to align with their specific investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizons. This customization allows investors to create a well-diversified portfolio that meets their unique needs, ultimately enhancing their ability to achieve their financial goals.

  6. Access to Professional Expertise: Investing in ASIs provides investors with the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and expertise of seasoned professionals who specialize in managing alternative investment strategies. These professionals possess in-depth industry insights and are equipped to navigate complex investment landscapes, maximizing the potential for favorable outcomes.

  7. Gateway to Polish Economic Growth: Poland’s robust economic growth and favorable business environment make it an attractive investment destination. Investing in Polish ASIs enables investors to gain exposure to the country’s expanding market, diverse sectors, and emerging opportunities. By capitalizing on Poland’s economic potential, investors can position themselves for long-term growth and capitalize on the country’s continued development.

In conclusion, Polish ASIs offer a compelling investment proposition characterized by enhanced tax efficiency, diverse investment opportunities, regulatory compliance, potential for higher returns, tailored investment solutions, access to professional expertise, and exposure to Poland’s thriving economy. These advantages make Polish ASIs an appealing choice for investors seeking to optimize their investment portfolios and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the alternative investment landscape.

Estabilishing ASI costs

Estabilishing ASI
Establishing ASI PLN
Notary 2000
Law firm 10000
KNF entry 8000
KNF annual fee 4000
Audit of ASI reports
Law firm repres. in frony Court Register 1500
Court Register 617-1234
AML 6000
RODO (data protection) 3000
European license costs
Current costs
Current costs PLN
Office rental + exploatation costs
Secretary, mail service
Nominee board costs
Nominee director
Accountancy + employment 2000
Basic accountancy inhouse
Phone number 30 per one number
Running costs (internet, phone number,
Laywer consultation 600/h
Foreign lawyer consultation
Website preparation (w. Terms and Conditions) 3000
Asset Managment costs
Asset Management costs PLN
Management fee p.m.
Performance fee p.a.
Other costs
Other PLN
Annual reports (KNF, other)
External management of ASI
Audit for financial report
Report of annual costs of avtivity
Creating public offer
Intermediation of Brokerage / investment company
Financial Structuring
Establishing and operating of Alternative Investment Companies for clients (including asset management)
Asset Managment
Management of Alternative Investment Companies
We are offering financial solutions across the entire capital structure. The product portfolio covers the complete range of financing solutions, from senior secured loans to mezzanine financing, thus enabling financing solutions that support the pertinent stage in a real estate investment’s life cycle

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